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End-of-life for Campfire and Hipchat deployment notifications



New Relic is removing the Hipchat and Campfire deployment notification integrations from APM, effective September 9, 2019. The products they integrate with have both effectively reached the end of development by their parent companies and are used by a tiny and shrinking number of New Relic customers. We are removing the integrations to focus on an open platform supporting collaboration for teams developing and operating software.

Alert notifications for Campfire and HipChat are not affected at this time.

Campfire stopped accepting new customers in Feb 2017 and remains supported by its owner (Basecamp), but fewer than 10 active New Relic customers use it.

Hipchat’s owner, Atlassian, ended support for its Cloud version on Feb 15, 2019. Although Atlassian continues to support hosted versions of Hipchat (Server and Data Center) up until Jun 30, 2020, we have never supported those versions of the product as destinations for deployment notifications.

Customers who need to notify third-party tools of their deployments can use webhooks today, which send deployment data to any endpoint accepting an HTTPS request.