End-of-Life Product Updates (Bulk EOL) - [Q4 2022]

New Relic will end-of-life (EOL), or discontinue support for the following capabilities across the platform. We have outlined them below and have included additional information about what is happening, the reasons behind them, timing, and links to other resources.

Support ending October 2022:

  • Query Builder - Basic mode

Read below for an in-depth look at each individual feature.

Query Builder - Basic mode

What is happening?

  • The New Relic One query builder had three modes to fetch, analyze, and visualize your data: NRQL, PromQL-style, and Basic.
  • The Basic mode was removed in favor of unifying the basic experience in the data explorer, which is now accessible from Metrics & Events (under all capabilities).
  • For guided data visualization and a simpler experience to query your data, access the data explorer; otherwise, you can continue to use NRQL queries in the query builder.


  • Query builder’s Basic mode enabled you to explore data with basic knowledge of the platform, without the need for writing NRQL queries. However, the data explorer fulfills the same purpose. You can explore events and metrics on the data explorer UI, or select the Logs and Traces query interfaces to explore those.
  • Query builder has been added to the left sidebar in the new UI navigation to make it easier to find, so that you can more quickly explore your data.


  • Our new UI navigation turned “on’’ by default on October 17th. At the same time, query builder was added as a default capability in the left sidebar to make it easier and quicker to find. You can still use Basic mode until January 2023 by toggling back to the old UI navigation.

Links to other resources: