Enter personalized data to Insights

Good day guys

I hope can point me in the right direction.

I was asked to create an HTML page (lalready have it) to enter data to insights, I was told that I can use API to do it, but I don´t know where start it.

Help :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you in advance

Hi, @suarez.jcarlos: You may use the Event API to send custom data to NRDB (formerly Insights), but I don’t think you can post directly from a web page. Your page would have to post to a server, and the server can use the API to post to NRDB.

Great! Thank you Phil

I will take a look on that, just a quick question. If I understand correctly, I can use an HTML to get the data, post it using PHP in a server, then use the Event API to get it, right?

Use HTML to get the data from the user, then post it to the server, and use PHP to call the Event API to send it to New Relic.

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Hi Phil hope you are OK and Happy new year

I have taken my online couse about insights, Event API,also I have created my HTML form and send it to a PHP file, create witth that information a .json file

I have a question, since I dont want to drop the ball, do I need to create a table inside Insights? or it is created just send the .json file?

Hi, @suarez.jcarlos: NRDB (Insights) does not have tables, just event types. When you send a custom event, a new event type is created automatically.

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Hi again

I have created the POST request and sending the .json to the API using cURL commands, but the only response I got is

Resource id #4

I have search what that meands but I can´t find information about, can you point me in the right direction to research about it?