Err: NerdGraph support not present, but required for Create

hello, my terraform code was running completely fine till one week back and suddenly it started giving error “NerdGraph support not present, but required for Create”. I am not able to find the root cause of the issue. Please Help.


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Hi there! Happy to help.

The latest release of the provider (version 2.0.0) introduces some breaking changes in the provider configuration.

Can you share your configuration’s provider block (sensitive data redacted) and which environment variables, if any, you have set? We’ll be able to get a better sense of how to help if we start there.

We’ve also provided a v2 migration guide in the latest documentation that we hope helps with updating to v2 of the provider.

hi, got same problem, if i use 1.19.0 provider i can create alert policy, if i use 2.1.1 provider i got error “err: NerdGraph support not present, but required for Create” (trying it on terraform v0.11.14 and latest version)

provider “newrelic” {
admin_api_key = “my admin api key”
account_id = “my account id”
region = “US”

resource “newrelic_alert_policy” “golden_signal_policy1” {
name = “Golden Signals - Test1”
incident_preference = “PER_POLICY”

Thank you for reaching out. Looking at the example configuration, you have not set api_key in the provider which is a required field with the 2.x provider. Documentation for that parameter are here.

If you don’t know your Personal API Key, documentation on how to obtain it can be found here.

Please let us know if this helps resolve your issue. Thanks!

it helps, after finding Personal API Key it works, ty for help

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Thanks for confirming :smiley: :smiley:

I’m not sure if I should ask this here or where else I should? But why would you need both Admin API as well as Personal API Key? Surely one or the other should be sufficient?

Terraform 2.x utilizes multiple API endpoints, depending on what resource / data is being requested. All new API calls go towards NerdGraph, which uses Personal API keys. Certain legacy endpoints that have yet to be migrated into NerdGraph still require the Admin API Key. Until all backend migrations have been completed, both keys are required to cover 100% of the resources that the Terraform provider has implemented.

This is the entire reason to break a 2.x release, as future work requires the new key so we can move forward with newer features, and port the provider to the new API endpoints as they become available. I hope that clarifies it a bit better.

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