Error Analytics Page: Release Notes 9/8/2016

Hello! I’m an engineer working on our APM UI. We’ve made some recent changes to the Error Analytics page, which you can read about in more detail here.

APM’s Error analytics page provides two different data views with different data retention periods. Both views include error traces. Below are release notes where you can see what changes we made. These improvements and fixes only apply to the error events view, not the error metrics view.


  • Added the Error rate chart at the top of the page so that overall error rate is easily accessible.
  • Removed the Top 5 errors by Transaction chart. The Top 5 errors chart now reflects the grouping in the groupings list.
  • The tooltips for both charts now show the time bucket and error count.
  • The Error traces table is now the default tab.
  • The Error traces table now groups errors by their error class and transaction name. For each grouping, it displays the number of errors (count), first and last timestamp, error class, transaction name, and the error message of the most recent error trace.


  • The Error traces table now consistently re-loads when when applying a new filter.
  • The banner indicating error sampling now displays when New Relic must apply caps on error reporting.
  • Fixed a bug where the trace table did not sort effectively because it was case sensitive. It now orders alphabetically regardless of case.