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Error from server (Timeout): error when creating "newrelic-istio-adapter.yaml"


I followed the instruction on how to install newrelic-istio-adapter helm chart:

  • kubectl create namespace newrelic-istio-adapter
  • cd helm-charts
  • helm template .
    -f values.yaml
    –name newrelic-istio-adapter
    –namespace newrelic-istio-adapter
    –set authentication.apiKey=<your_new_relic_api_key> \


  • kubectl apply -f newrelic-istio-adapter.yaml

This is the output of kubectl apply -f newrelic-istio-adapter.yaml:

secret/newrelic-istio-adapter created
service/newrelic-istio-adapter created
deployment.apps/newrelic-istio-adapter created

but showed the following after

Error from server (Timeout): error when creating "newrelic-istio-adapter.yaml": Timeout: request did not complete within requested timeout 30s

Expected behavior
Verify that the newrelic-istio-adapter handler, rules, adapter, and instances are present within the istio-system namespace; They are not present.

Version information (please complete the following information):

  • newrelic-istio-adapter: 2.0.1
  • Kubernetes: v1.14.8
  • Istio: 1.4.3

Any idea?


Hey @LPurba -

I wanted to send a message so as not to leave this thread quiet. @JoiConverse sent a message over to Tyler, one of the primary contributors on our Istio Adapter github page. Tyler should be able to advise here for you :slight_smile: