Error in lambda Function provided to foward logs to newrelic

HI i am using newrelic log forward serverless application on aws lambda as mentioned here
But the code is ending with following error
“errorMessage”: “‘awslogs’”,
“errorType”: “KeyError”,
“stackTrace”: [
" File “/var/task/”, line 491, in lambda_handler\n event_data = b64decode(event[“awslogs”][“data”])\n"
any idea whats the issue ?

@tiwari.kartikey is that the entire error output for the newrelic-log-ingestion function? Are you also using our Serverless monitoring outlined here?

Enable serverless monitoring for AWS Lambda

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HI scandela , I am able to resolve that posted error but still i am facing some http connection errors while trying to send data to new relic. and i am not using those serverless monitoring.
We are using only serverless application or that log-ingestion-lambda with resepective parameters.

@tiwari.kartikey I saw your DM, and I think the best way to approach this is to make you a ticket where one of my Logs colleagues can help address this. Check your inbox for the notification about the new ticket, we will work with you there to collect information (and update this thread if a useful resolution is found).

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