Error logs in a custom Nerdpack

Is it possible to get error logs in a custom Nerdpack?

I have done some custom Nerdpacks but I wonder if it is possible to get error logs in production, after the nerdpack has been published.

I mean, in the frontend I can see the errors within a component, like ‘oops something went wrong’, but I would like to know if all of that errors are stored in some way.

I read something about nerdstorage, but I don’t know if it is useful in this case, or is there another tool I can use for this specific purpose.


@dpena You always post great questions. Let me see if @dgolden or @jsius can help you with this one. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Thanks @JoiConverse. @dpena That would be really useful, and while I don’t think it’s possible right now I’m going to ask around because I’m not sure.


Sorry for the delay, @dpena. I haven’t gotten any helpful feedback on this which leads me to believe it’s just not possible right now :/.