Error on create visualization self-signed cert

I am creating a visualization as a test. My ultimate goal is to provide more meaningful dashboards for the users. But I’m not even out of the gate yet.

nr1 create --type nerdpack --name test-vis-nerdpack
RequestError: Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain

@Jason.Tryon Love to hear about your ambitions! How is it going for you thus far? This category isn’t monitored by our support team but hoping other community members can offer insights soon!

Hi @Jason.Tryon :wave:

I’d be happy to help if you’re still up for exploring custom visualizations. The team I work on at New Relic owns the Custom Visualizations feature, so we should be able to help you get started!

Your command looks like a good starting point. You can totally run 2 commands to first create a nerdpack and then create a visualization inside the nerdpack—which looks like the path you’re on.

An alternative is to just run one command to make a visualization, which will create a nerdpack as well if needed:

nr1 update
nr1 create --type visualization --name custom-viz

I wonder if nr1 update resolves the self signed certificate error. Could you have a try and let us know? If not, here’s a couple links that may be helpful:

Here’s our getting started guide also, btw:

And feel free to use the tag #customvisualizations :smiley: It’s a new tag, but we’ll be monitoring it regularly: Topics tagged customvisualizations


One more pointer here @Jason.Tryon. Sometimes users will encounter RequestError: Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain if they’re behind a corporate proxy. If that’s the case, you’ll need to add the internal certificate to your webpack config.

Have a look at:

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