Error on Pixie live debugging

I am trying to test Pixie in my MINIKUBE local environment.
I followed installation instruction using helm and everythings goes well, but when I try to see data through browser UI I get theese errors:

  • Failed to execute script
    Compiler error on line 259, column 22: Table ‘conn_stats’ not found…
  • Failed to execute script
    Compiler error on line 26, column 22: Table ‘cql_events’ not found…

What did I do wrong?

Hi @marco.toninato,

Thank you for your query

can you check if you are having the below requirements?

  1. Customers must have an FSO standard account to see the data in New Relic.

  2. Kubernetes v1.16+

    a. GKE
    b. EKS (including support on Bottlerocket AMIs)
    c. AKS
    d. Self-hosted
    e. Minikube with a VM driver (kvm2 on Linux, hyperkit on Mac)

  3. Linux kernel v4.14+

  4. Cluster node memory: 2GiB required, 8GiB+ recommended

  5. CPU: x86-64

  6. Ability to send outgoing

a. HTTPS/2 requests to
b. HTTPS requests to * and

  1. OpenShift: Tested on Openshift 4.6.9 (Slack thread)

Also, can you please tell me which installation method did you choose?

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of any additional queries or issues. I will be happy to help you.

Looking forward to hearing back from you

Best Regards
Jay Vadera