Error posting IBM MQ events to Insights


I am following the documentation available at to instrument IBM WebSphere MQ monitoring with new relic and running into a cipher suite error shown below. I can see the plugin is connecting to Queue Manager and getting metrics, but not able to connect to new relic and post them to insights
Requesting help from anyone who had success implementing this MQ plugin ( OR ) monitoring IBM WebSphere MQ with new relic by any other means.

Hello @skunduri

Thank you for reaching out to us. In regard to the error message you are seeing, no appropriate protocol may be no appropriate cipher suite specified or protocols are deactivated Had you reviewed the following links that seem that had faced the same issue:

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of any additional queries or issues. I will be happy to help you.

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Hi @vhenrique,
I don’t see any security configuration available to tweak on the plugin either to enable TLS 1.2 or . As mentioned above I am able to see the plugin is able to read MQ metrics but not able to post to Newrelic UI. and we are seeing the protocol error when connecting to newrelic.
The links you provided above did not help much.

Github link :

Thank you.

Hey there @skunduri -

Sorry for the slow reply. I took a closer look at the link you shared - that is an open source project created by New Relic, but it is considered experimental code. You can see that under the list of files in the repo:

Since this code is designated experimental, we can’t know what to expect as it’s never been tested. You may get this to work for you, but you may not. If you have ideas or bugs to report, you can share them with the team in GitHub. Those folks may be able to work with you as they work on their project.

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