Error while executing infrastructure-agent-installer

Hi all,
I’m trying to install NewRelic on my Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS server and am following the intructions here:

I get a fatal error when I run the copied command:
[…] /usr/local/bin/newrelic install

FATAL We encountered an error during the installation: encountered an error while executing infrastructure-agent-installer: task: Failed to run task “default”: task: Failed to run task “update_apt”: exit status 100.

I searched the forum and also googled, but couldn’t find a solution.
Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: I already tried running sudo apt update before the installation

Hi ras_ruz,

I’m not aware of any issues with the guided install on Ubuntu 14.04.4, but you can try with the Package Manager Installation instead:
Install the Infrastructure Monitoring Agent > Package Manager Install > Install using the launcher > Ubuntu

I’ll spin up an instance with 14.04.4 later and see if I can reproduce any issues on it with the guided install. Note that you may add --trace to the guided install command line in order to get a verbose output.

Tested on Ubuntu 14.04.4 using ami-012de961. Installation completed fine without any issues.

We would need to see the installation output with --trace added to the install command in order to investigate further.