Errors Adding Graph to Dashboard

We are unable to add transaction graphs to a dashboard which means every time it takes me much longer to go find each one to assess instead of having a single dashboard showing each one I add. Here’s the page I’m trying along with the Javascript error in the console. We’re seeing this in both Chrome and Edge. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hello! Thanks for posting your question about getting an error when trying to copy a transaction chart to a different dashboard. I wasn’t replicating the error in your account. If you’re still experiencing the error, here’s a helpful list to troubleshoot browser issues:

  1. Clear cache/cookies and try again
  2. Check browser version, update to latest version, try again
  3. Try a different browser
  4. Try disabling all browser extensions or add-ons and loading the page again
  5. If you are running on a VPN, try loading the page again while NOT on the VPN

Report back if any of these steps help, or if this needs further investigating…

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@cschmid1 , thanks for your response. Interestingly, now it’s appearing in a slide in panel from the right, but still same issue.

Yes, I’m also getting the changed layout but not the error. Can you confirm you are working in a supported browser, listed here?