Errors by NewRelic: Failure unmarshalling message from Resque child process

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

NewRelic is throwing errors into the logs about “Failure unmarshalling message from Resque child process”.

Rails 6 + Resque project on Heroku

Hello @boris15 :wave:

Could you share your agent version? If you are using Rack, could you also share your Rack version?

I suspect you will be able to resolve this issue by updating the agent the following bugfix was added to the Ruby agent in Ruby Agent v6.9.0.363:

Bugfix for Resque worker thread race conditions

Recent changes in Rack surfaced issues marshalling data for Resque, surfaced a potential race-condition with closing out the worker-threads before flushing the data pipe. This is now fixed.

Thanks to Bertrand Paquet (bpaquet) for the contribution!

Hopefully that resolves it, let us know your results! And if not, sharing a link to your application from New Relic One would help us better understand your environment. Only those on your account and New Relic Admins will be able to follow application links!

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