Errors inbox empty for all except 1 service

I have some workloads that are composed of kubernetes containers, pods, deployments and services-APM.

It works fine for my main service, but seems to not show anything for any other services.
When i go to logs, i clearly see errors with error_level as error.

What could be the cause that it doesn’t show up under errors inbox?

  • main-api: service in nestjs (node.js), with graphql
  • item-service: microservice in nestjs (node.js) connected to main-api. communication is over RPC.

It feels that newrelic is basing errors inbox on basis of the APM. Is it also possible to show errors from logs with level error?

Managed to fix this, turns out we didn’t close the transaction after doing noticeError, so it didn’t get logged

HI @maxim2

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you well.

We really appreciate you reaching back out to confirm that you managed to fix the issue.