Errors Inbox won't load

I just see a spinning thing.
My url is

sometimes I’m seeing odd errors in the console about

Hi @user3156

Thanks for reaching out to us.
Can you please share the screenshot of the error you are facing?


it’s a pretty boring screen shot
now I get a new error in the console
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Error executing prefetched query
Log in to New Relic


I get these errors in chrome

hello? can anyone help with this?

Looking into this error resource load is failing. This type of error usually comes if URLs are not whitelisted. You can refer list of networks, IPs, domains, ports etc. Also, are you leveraging any ad blockers? That might also be the possibility here.

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I am seeing the same thing, error inbox page will not load. It’s just stuck on a loading spinner. Same on my coworkers machine. Where would I need to whitelist a url, our network is completely open?

Ok, I turned off ad blocker, no luck, there are no urls blocked, network is open, and no errors in the console.

How can I get a refund for new relic? Even this forum doesn’t work - I cannot post properly half the time! LOL.

@user3156 and @webmaster_staging I’m going to ask our support team to look into these errors further for you.

@Siddy Thank you for your help!

Hello @user3156

I was unable to successfully reproduce the same issue. I was able to load Errors Inbox via Chrome and Firefox under your account.
Can you clear your cookies and cache and try again?

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