Event trail - duplicate events

(Sorry the previous topics were posted from the wrong account).

We are currently experiencing a problem where each event in the event trail for a crash is duplicated which makes it very hard to follow. Breadcrumbs, requests and interactions are all duplicated.

We are on 7.2.0 of the SDK and plan to ship an update with 7.3.0 soon but this problem has existed for a while.

Any idea what could be causing this?

It would help to confirm whether the events are duplicated by the agent, or if this is an issue with the Event Trail in the UI. Are you seeing duplicate events in the table when querying data from these crashes?

Can you run a Charles Proxy trace to look for duplicate events in the agents data payload?

@dmurray I’ve had a poke around and it looks like a UI issue to me:

  • SELECT name FROM MobileBreadcrumbs SINCE 3 HOURS AGO doesn’t show any duplicate breadcrumbs.
  • SELECT interactionHistory FROM MobileCrash SINCE 3 HOURS AGO doesn’t show any duplicate items in the interaction history.

In fact, one crash I’m looking at now seems to be showing 3 of each event!

Thanks! Can you send me a link to the app(s) affected so I can take a look and share with our engineering team?

Opening a support ticket to investigate.