Events sent from application but not visible in Insights/data explorer

Hello, we have an Java Spring boot application with Micrometer and Java agent installed on two machines.
We have two dashboards for two accounts.
Prod is working fine, but pre-prod just stopped working.
What I know so far:

  1. My application reports that events are being sent:
    io.micrometer.newrelic.NewRelicMeterRegistry - successfully sent 88 metrics to New Relic.
  2. Agent seems to be working, because I can see its data in APM view.
  3. I can’t see any filter that could possibly hide events from me
  4. Probably trigger of my issue is an upgrade of micrometer version from 1.1.3 to 1.3.2 (but it doesn’t explain logs from point 1.)

Self-fixed - Micrometer 1.3.0 changed eventType to metricName. I can change my queries or just force old behaviour with meterNameEventTypeEnabled = true.