Explore Service Map starting from a Database Node

We have some databases on AWS EC2 and some on AWS RDS.
Today we can explore a service map for a an Application service and see upstream and downstream connections. Downstream connections go till the database info.
Now take a case where a database has some performance alert and we want to see what upstream apps are affected. If I just know the database/instance name, can I create or search for a service map listing upstream applications using that database?

Hey @Vinay.Bhatia!

If a Service Map was created ahead of time for the database/instance name, which also included any applications using that database, and was named after the database; then you could search for it inside of Service Maps. However, it’s important to note that the search bar inside of Service Maps is only searching through previously created maps or entities to add to the current map.

A good way to look through applications that may have been affected by database performance, is to use filters to view throughput and response time for specific connections to the database. Here’s a clip showing how to do that:


Let me know if this helps!