Explorer Power Moves

Ready to explore everything New Relic has to offer? You’ve taken the first step in your bold journey by joining us here in the Explorers Hub. :sailboat: :telescope: The next step? Use these power moves to level up up your skills and, like all good heroes, help others along the way:

  • :mag_right: Search first, then ask. Before you post that next question, be sure to search first. It’s likely that someone like you has run into the same issue before, and the answer you need is just waiting to be unearthed. Bonus points: if you find the answer to your question, be sure to “like” the post - this will give both you AND the author points in the community. Plus it just makes people feel good. All you have to do is click the thumbs up icon :+1: under the post. Don’t see what you need? Post away!

  • :gift_heart: Give a little, get a lot. Even if you are just getting started with New Relic, you’re learning fast, and it’s likely that you have knowledge to share that can help someone else in the community. The home page of the Community always lists the most recent posts. Give it a once over any time you visit to see if there’s something you can help answer. At the very least, you’ll find a post or two that helps you learn something new. And when you can contribute to post - by asking a good follow up question or supplying an answer - you earn points and badges that let others know how generous (and smart!) you are.

  • :coffee: It’s about more than the data. Helping you master New Relic is just the beginning. We also know that leadership, developer best practices, and trends in web and app development are key to your success. So we invite you to talk about those topics too. You’ll find those topics (and a dose of humor) over in the Conversation Hub category. Feel free to share what’s making you think hard about your work.

  • :question:Ask for help, we’re here for you. No explorer finds their treasure by going it alone. You need friends! Read something interesting posted by another community member? Message them! Click on their username and you’ll get a card with an icon that you can click to send them a private message. And, you should always feel free to reach out to your trusty New Relic Community staff. @JoiConverse, @ebeach, and @hross are always here for you.

These are just a few of the ways you can make the most of the community. What are your favorite power moves?


Thanks, @hross - looking forward to diving in here (APM- and Insights- interested)

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You’re off to a good start! Let us know if we can help you with anything!

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My favourite power move is OOXXOOUPUPDOWNDOWNLEFT :smiley: