Explorers Hub - Guidelines

We expect all our Explorers Hub participants to agree to follow the behaviors and guidelines in our Code Of Conduct.

Effective November 4, 2019, in addition to the content below, your use of the Explorers Hub is subject to the Community Terms.

Participating in the Explorers Hub.

New Relic’s Explorers Hub is a place to discuss our products and topics of interest to our community. Our goal is to create a resource where all feel welcome to participate and get help from New Relic staff and other Community members.

To meet that goal, New Relic has created these community guidelines for all members to follow. These community guidelines are important, and will be enforced by New Relic moderators. They are also a work in progress, and may evolve as the Community grows. Finally, they are not exhaustive, so please act in good faith and follow the spirit of the guidelines at all times. If you have any questions please contact us at discuss@newrelic.com.

In the New Relic Explorers Hub, we hope to foster an environment that encourages participants to choose actions that reflect New Relic’s values:

  • Bold: Take risks to deliver ground-breaking innovation. Be courageous.

  • Authentic: Be genuine, honest, and inclusive. You can be yourself at work.

  • Accountable: Take pride in what you do and hold yourself to high standards. Deliver on your commitments.

  • Passionate: Be inspired and inspire others. Make a difference.

  • Connected: Build trusted, personal connections with each other. We are a team.

If you see someone who is making an extra effort to ensure our community is welcoming, friendly, and encourages all participants to contribute to the fullest extent, let them and, if appropriate, us know. A simple action, such as “liking” a post can help encourage the right kinds of actions our community.

If New Relic staff decide that your behavior violates the spirit of these community guidelines, we may remove your content or disable your use of the Community at any time, with or without notice.

Though we will actively moderate the Community, you may see objectionable content before it is taken down. Please report any problematic behavior or content by reporting the post through the flag function.

What to do in the Community:

  • Treat your fellow Community members and New Relic staff with respect

  • Treat the community as a resource and help to keep discussion flowing

  • Express your opinions in a considerate way

  • Flag inappropriate behavior to New Relic staff

  • Like particularly helpful or insightful posts (<3 button)

What not to do in the Community:

  • Harass, intimidate, abuse, troll, or impersonate someone else through your use of the community

  • Use vulgar, obscene, inflammatory or hostile language

  • Use the community in a way that prevents others from participating

  • Provide links to harmful, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable content

  • Post or share content in the community that you do not have the right to

  • Use the community to phish or collect other people’s information without their consent

  • Use the community to defame or libel anyone or infringe the rights of others

  • Post personally identifying information of yourself or others

  • Share information that is confidential to you, your employer or others

  • Use the community to engage in or discuss illegal activities

  • Advertise services or products

By accessing the community, you acknowledge that it is possible that you will be exposed to materials from others that you may consider offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable. Those views expressed on the community do not necessarily reflect New Relic’s views. New Relic does not endorse content posted by you or others. Certain content from others may be incorrectly labeled, rated, or categorized.

Guidelines for the support categories.

The primary goal for the support categories is to allow New Relic customers to receive help from support staff and other community members. While participating in these categories, please do your part to ensure that they remain a helpful resource. Our support categories are fully public (unless otherwise specified), and you should keep the following guidelines in mind when asking questions or offering help:

What not to post:

  • License and API keys

  • Credit card information

  • Login credentials

  • Root passwords (or ANY password)

  • Account numbers or ID’s from rpm.newrelic.com/accounts/account_id

  • Logs, phpinfo pages, and code, that have not been reviewed for sensitive content

  • Offers of help/services for a price

  • Spammy recommendations of other services

  • Malicious or harmful advice

  • Posts that interfere with another customer’s request for help in any way

If one of our support staff require any of the above information from you in order to help with your issue, they will either create a traditional support ticket for you or reach out via PM.
You are solely liable and responsible for how you use our community, as well as your use of the community and any damages that may result from the disclosure of your content.