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Explorers Hub Treasure Hunt


Hope this is what you were looking for, for #11


You nailed it @lbrody! We can debate whether or not Loki is an actual villain in some other online forum. :wink:

  1. image

3 image

4 image

5 image

6 image

7 image


9 image

11 image

12 image


I love any Garfield reference @tywhite. Well done!


Misunderstood, not villainous :smiley:


This wasn’t part of the treasure hunt, but thought it might be a cool thing to add here since it’s new and several people at my organization are interested in using outlier detection alerts.


Combining to save multiple posts -
1, 2, & 3)

a) NR Products,
b) Baseline (bottom right)
c) Cats Rule - Actually Vader > Cats

c - revisted) Fine, here’s a cat.

  1. Slack

  2. Plaid AppDex

  3. JS Errors

  4. Front End vs. Back End

  5. Key Transaction Alert Condition - This a performance alert that more often than not indicates a slowdown on our sites.

  6. User - Villain

  7. NR Diag - all is well.

  8. Pirate Pun






These pirate jokes are great, but I lost it with this one. This is easily my favourite! :joy:




Well played @durante. That cat needs a boop, pronto!


Thanks. Not sure If I got 5 correct already. I’d like that badge and sticker :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Not sure if applies to any clue, but felt so proud I could install the agent on our BlueCloud server to monitor infrastructure that I had the need to share…

Cheers…where everybody knows your name! (8)


Extra credit points for you @durante! We’ll be in touch to get some swag sent your way next week!


An afternoon well spent!

This was a joint effort between at few people so if there’s a couple of mugs going we’ be greatful!


Amazing @adam.mcdonald :smiley:


What a successful and fun Treasure Hunt! @adam.mcdonald @durante @jfry @jbiggley @tywhite @lbrody @ian.hodgetts @cgambrell @kapilkumar.jain @zackm << Thank you so much for participating and posting your screenshots! You have all received your badges for being awesome treasure hunters, and those of you who qualify for mugs: they should be on their way.

We hope to do more of these initiatives in the future, so be on the lookout! :blush:

Thanks again!