Export a list of apps which have a specific tag


In New Relic APM, We use tags to differentiate company division:
e.g. Some apps have tags->Division: US, others have tags: Canada
We have an urgent request recently to export a list of apps which have tag (Division: Canada)

I tried a few things:

  • Use NerdGraph API Explorer but it doesn’t have that functionality where you can query a list of appname by specifying the tag
  • Again, you can’t specify a tag in NRQL

Could you kindly help me on this task? Thank you for your help!

Do you mean labels that you have applied in the NR UI?

Hello, @YQin: You may use the REST API to get a list of Labels. Each item includes a links section which has a list of application IDs that have been tagged with that label.


@philweber Thank you so very much :grinning: