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Export server information feature



Right now I’m using New Relic Servers to keep track of all the on-premise servers for my company. Is there a feature to export servers information to excel or csv?

I think it’ll make sense to use New Relic to keep track of assets instead of using another system to do so (since they already have these information).

Useful server information can be exported as follows:

  • Server Computer Name
  • Server IP
  • Installed OS and Service pack
  • Number of CPUs
  • Amount of RAM
  • Hard Disk Usage

Thank you.


Hi @matthewseng,

There isn’t a feature for this at the moment but our PM team are actively monitoring these forums for feature requests to keep track of.

It is possible to retrieve some of this information through our API such as server name, RAM information, hard disk usage and CPU usage.
This guide would help you get started with our API explorer:


Hi Karl,

Thanks for the reply, this is actually a feature request :smile:


You can be certain that our project managers will see this request. While I cannot make any promises about if or when this feature might be added, we do take any and all feature requests very seriously.

We consider it vital to listen to how people are using our services and how people want to see them extended or improved. At the end of the day, nothing is more important to us than meeting (and hopefully exceeding) the requirements of the people that use New Relic. And feature requests are one of the most powerful tools we have for learning what those requirements are.

Thank you for taking the time to tell us how we can make our services more useful for you. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!


I’d like to throw another name in this hat. I’m actually interested in finding my current installed versions (Server Monitor & .NET Agent) so that I can get a quick audit of where we stand with various agents.


Thank you for sharing more about how you’d use this, @Caleb. I’ve sent your request on to our product managers.


Looks like this is still a feature request? If so, you have my vote for this. All I really need is a simple export option for all my server names to a csv/excel file.
Much appreciated.


Thanks for adding your vote, @danielm! I have created a feature request for you and have passed your input along to our product manager. :thumbsup: Check back for updates!


Its been quiet some time, neither I wasn’t heard anything back, nor I see in dashboard. Just wondering I missed any.
Your response would be greatly appreciated!


Hi there @rashiyamani.krishnas - thanks for your post!

The Servers product is about to reach end of life. It has not been available to new customers, or to be added to existing accounts for a number of months, which is probably why you don’t see it in your dashboard. For customers who are looking to monitor servers, we recommend taking a look at our Infrastructure product.

Let me know if that answers your question!