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Export to Excel



How can we export dashboard results to excel format (instead of graphs only numerical values)?

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Could you tell us more about what data you’re looking to export from New Relic? Some data can be exported to CSV format, which is readable by Excel, but if you’re looking for data that doesn’t come in that format, we can assist you with getting started with our API.


I am also interested to export to CSV data from NewRelic (e.g that will show number of projects, queries etc… and I would like to get the raw data from tables/charts , export that and use data in excel


Hey @mbologa - as Alexis has stated, we have some options for csv exports depending on what you’re looking for. Alternatively, access to our REST API is available to pull metrics from. This post may be helpful for you:

Give that a read and let us know if you have more questions.


The embedded “answer” post is from 2014… It’s 2018 can we still not export Trace Details? If so, that’s very frustrating and will push us to look for other options.


There may be a workaround depending on what you’re looking for out of the Transaction Trace.

For example, if you’re wanting to see attributes of the trace those can be directed to Insights and we have a post on getting data from Insights to export at Relic Solution: Exporting to CSV

If you have another use case, you can submit a feature idea providing what you’d like to see and our Product Manager(s) can consider that for future releases.