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Exporting Alerts data to Excel



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Is there a facility to export all the alerts data for a month for Production servers to an excel for LEGACY alert system.

I have been searching for it in the docs but could not find it.

Any help will be really appreciated.


We don’t have an explicit ‘export’, but you can use our new Alerts APIs @


Can you let us know how to get complete list of Alert incident till now. I have tried API but it gives very limited data. Please help here with steps to get it.


Any Update Over Here…


I feel it would be very beneficial to have the ability to export this data.


Any progress on this feature? This would really help us delivering data about monitoring alerts to our clients!


No updates right now - we can get your +1 added here.


Wondering if this is a thing yet?


No, @John.Hopson, but you can send Alerts notifications to Insights, and export the result of an Insights query to CSV or JSON.


That would work nicely. Thank you @philweber!