Exporting NRQL Query - limited to 100 transactions

Hi Team,
For some reason, whenever I run a NRQL query in Insights, and export to a CSV,
the result is limiting to 100 transactions alone.
It is the same if I use a query key and export to an external source.
Can you help me here please

Hi @Rajkumar.Nageswaran, That’s odd. Have you included the LIMIT clause in your query?

Also if you could provide a link to your account, I can take a quick look. (Only New Relic employees can access this link.)

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Hi Zahra,
Thanks for your quick response,
No I have not included LIMIT Clause in my query.
its a simple query
SELECT * from alert1 since 1 week ago , which should return about 500 transactions.

this is the link to our account


Hi @Rajkumar.Nageswaran, So if you change your query to:

SELECT * from alert1 since 1 week ago LIMIT 500

you should be able to get the records that you want to export.

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@zahrasiddiqa Yes it seem to work, Thank you so much

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``Limit Max` Should also work in this instance


yes it helped, Thanks @GlenOFoghlu :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Glad it helped :smiley:

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My NRQL Query with LIMIT MAX can only return 2000 rows. Is this the limit per request limit according to the document - https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/insights/insights-api/get-data/query-insights-event-data-api#more_help
Is there additional feature of the RESTful API to export large dataset?

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Hey @joshua.hua

For most NRQL queries, 2000 is the max returnable row count regardless of where you call that data (UI or API).

If it is possible for you to get the data you need from a uniques query:

SELECT uniques(myAttribute) FROM myEvent SINCE THIS WEEK

Then you can force that query to return up to 10000 rows.

Just add that limit to the Uniques section of the query

SELECT uniques(myAttribute, 10000) FROM myEvent SINCE THIS WEEK
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@RyanVeitch thx for confirming this! for the uniques with single attribute, is the 10k the hard limit as well?
Also, if the Query API can support things like pagination for exporting the dataset exceed any of the size limit.