Exporting NRQL Query - limited to 100 transactions

Hi Team,
For some reason, whenever I run a NRQL query in Insights, and export to a CSV,
the result is limiting to 100 transactions alone.
It is the same if I use a query key and export to an external source.
Can you help me here please

Hi @Rajkumar.Nageswaran, That’s odd. Have you included the LIMIT clause in your query?

Also if you could provide a link to your account, I can take a quick look. (Only New Relic employees can access this link.)

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Hi Zahra,
Thanks for your quick response,
No I have not included LIMIT Clause in my query.
its a simple query
SELECT * from alert1 since 1 week ago , which should return about 500 transactions.

this is the link to our account


Hi @Rajkumar.Nageswaran, So if you change your query to:

SELECT * from alert1 since 1 week ago LIMIT 500

you should be able to get the records that you want to export.

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@zahrasiddiqa Yes it seem to work, Thank you so much

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``Limit Max` Should also work in this instance


yes it helped, Thanks @GlenOFoghlu :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Glad it helped :smiley:

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