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External call stopped being reported, how do I debug



I’m running the Node agent v4.10.0 with Node v8.9.1.
A couple days ago, not all, but the highest throughput external calls stopped being reported from one of my apps.
The HTTP call is being made inside an async startSegment callback, but that code didn’t change around the time in question plus I’m running that same wrapper in other apps without issue.
The service no longer appears in the “External services” tab for recent timeframes nor when looking transaction trace details for a single call. The custom segment is visible and shows the correct duration info, but it can no longer be expanded to show the inner HTTP request.
I’m not getting an errors in APM or in our logs related to NR.

What steps can I take to debug this?


Hey @mwilson, thanks for reaching out to the community!

I’m happy to help troubleshoot this with you, but I’ll need to gather some more information.

As this info will contain sensitive information to your application, I’m going to open a support ticket on your behalf. From that point, we will work on this issue together in that platform.

We like to encourage folks in situations like these to circle back and share the resolution on their original post in the community so others can learn from your experience in the future. :slight_smile:

Keep your eyes open for an email coming your way from us!


– Sara