External segment for Internal Services


I don’t know if this is possible, but:

I noticed that, by adding a host in the external segment, it is added as a dependency on the service map, but even if the host has the exact same name as a newrelic entity instrumented on my account, they still show up in grey and as “External service”. Is it possible that these are recognized by newrelic and linked to the entity that exists on NR? If so, how should I be doing it?

OBS: Distributed tracing is enabled

Example: https://onenr.io/0nVjY3Govw0

Hi Rodrigo!!

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I’ve checked and the Distributed Tracing is not enabled in your Java app in New Relic.

Could you enable DT on this app and check if instead of an External Service, it will be recognized in the service map?

Let me know if you have any doubts.


Rodrigo :slight_smile: