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External service metrics for poller based service




We use New Relic monitoring for our applications which consists of poller based services and inet based services. We find that for poller based services the external service feature of New Relic doesn’t capture any requests made for downstream dependent services during the transaction except for the IMS related requests and this works fine for the web accessible based services.

Some of our dependent service apis (called during transactions for poller based services) are delaying in response and we are not able to capture those apis under external services, so as to alert based on SLA for that external API.

Could you please help us understand how we can capture those external metrics for dependent services called during transactions for poller based service



Reporting of external calls as metrics by the Java agent are dependent on the calls being made within the JVM monitored by the Java agent and the call traced as part of a web transaction. If the call is made by technology listed on our Compatibility and Requirements page there may be out-of-the-box instrumentation but it may be necessary to add Custom Instrumentation to raise the visibility of desired calls.