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External services are not displaying



For my application , external services are not displaying on the APM page. and it is getting reported in Overview page but not as “web external”.

Is there any additional configuration required for this ?


Hi @Aiswarya.Gangadharan! What New Relic language agent are you using?

Once I know that info I can connect you to the people who will be the most helpful. :blush: Thanks!


Hi Lins,

Im using Java APM agent version 5.

And for other application with same version, im able to see external services reporting.



@Aiswarya.Gangadharan it mostly depends on how the call is made to determine how it gets reported. Typically for troubleshooting, we use verbose agent logs capturing agent activity while making sure there is traffic being pushed through those calls. We document how to do this at

If you’re not finding it reported as an external service, we have an API that can help and we document the API at

If you gather the verbose logging and would like Support to review the log information, we can do that through a Support ticket that you create from the Support site or we can create one from this thread. Let us know.