F5 Networks BIG-IP issue

Could you please confirm that NewRelic platform are not affected by F5 Networks BIG-IP (CVE-2022-1388)?

Hey there @tkkym,

I hope you are well, I am sorry for such a delayed response.

I am looking into this with our engineering team but at this time it does not appear we are affected by F5 Networks BIG-IP (CVE-2022-1388). We will reply here once we have confirmation and appreciate your patience.

Please let us know if we can assist with anything else, I hope you have a great day!

Hi @tkkym

Thanks for your patience here.

I have just spoken with our security team, and they have confirmed we are currently not affected by F5 Networks BIG-IP (CVE-2022-1388).

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions you may have.