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Facebook Access token is not generating after integrate latest New Relic



After implementing the new relic code. Facebook working stops.
Here is the comiple line:
implementation “”

A Facebook token is not generated after implementing new relic.

when we remove the new relic compline line and code. Then facebook working fine.




Thank you for reaching out to New Relic support on the community forum and I’ll be helping you with this issue!

It looks like another person from your organization also reached out to us on the forum with a similiar question. Are you two working on the same application?

If so, I have opened an internal ticket with your colleague. Would you like to be added to the ticket?


Yes, it’s my colleague. I think he has also faced the same issue. Actually Yesterday he is doing some R&D on this. Its very important can you fix this ASAP?


Can you help me regarding this issue. Because I am waiting for response from new relic support team .


This is serious issue in my application. Can you guide me ?. How I can fix this issue.


I already reply your email and send the response and gradle files


Hi Nitish,

I have been looking at your provided files on the internal ticket and will be responding there on the ticket.

@amit15 Would you like to be cc’ed onto Nitish’s ticket as he is your colleague and it is the same issue?



Like you can directly coordinate with Nitish email. Once Nitish will resolve the issue. Same thing I will implement in my project.


Hi there!

It looks like Nitish has temporarily resolved the issue by using New Relic 5.19.1. Please try that in your project and let me know if it works for you. I look forward to your reply.


Hi @nitish & @amit15 -

I wanted to reach out and let you know that this issue has been rectified in Android Release version 5.21.0. You can update your Agent at any time to take advantage of this fix. I hope this helps you out!