FACET IN vs filter

I’m tagging this as a bug and a feature, as I’m not sure which it is haha.

I’ve noticed that although this is not in the documentation anywhere, you can limit faceting to certain values by using IN:
SELECT count(*) FROM PageAction FACET appName IN ('App 1', 'App 2', 'App 4')

I find this useful so I wouldn’t mind it being recognized as a valid use. The alternative, which was just released recently is filtering. So the same query could be:

SELECT filter(count(*), appName = 'App 1'), filter(count(*), appName = 'App 2'), filter(count(*), appName = 'App 4'), FROM PageAction



Hey @eadams - we had to investigate this a bit and it appears that you have discovered an undocumented feature. Well done and definitely a very clever NRQL usage. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

I also learned that what you’ve shared is equivalent to using the WHERE clause like so:

SELECT count(*) FROM PageAction FACET appName  WHERE appName IN ('App 1', 'App 2', 'App 4') 

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