Facet Linking in New Relic One - Now you can use Facets to filter your New Relic One Dashboards

TL;DR New Relic One Dashboards now supports facet linking, and it is backwards compatible with Insights!

Wait. What?

One of the most requested features for New Relic One Dashboards since its release has been facet linking. Facet Linking is a feature that allows a dashboard user to increase the interactivity of their dashboard, thus improving the overall experience of filtering and drill down.

How does this work?

You can use Facet Linking in faceted queries that use any of the following chart types:

  1. Bar Chart
  2. Pie Chart
  3. Table Chart
  4. Heatmap

You can configure Facet Linking in two spots:

  1. In the Chart Builder !

  2. In the Dashboard’s Edit mode

When using Facet linking, you can configure it in two ways:

  1. Filter current dashboard : the user can filter the dashboard they are viewing by clicking over the facet
  2. Filter a related dashboard : the user is redirected to a related dashboard upon click. That dashboard is filtered by the selected facet.

Two more things…

New Relic One Dashboards facet linking has multi-facet queries support!!!.

Not only we bring the Facet Linking feature to New Relic One Dashboards we also expand its functionality by making Facet Linking work with queries with multiple facets.

We will create one filter per Facet, and in Table charts, you will be able to filter each facet separately.

That is not all! We also improved our heatmap visualization, and now it looks, and works beautifully!!


Now go check all these new features out.



Is this backwards compatible, or are they any minor issues?

99%* backwards compatible. Create, Delete, Edit any Facet linking configuration in New Relic One Dashboards will have a direct effect on Insights and vice-versa.

Is there any new feature supported in Facet Linking New Relic One Dashboards?

Yes, facet linking in New Relic One supports Multi Facets filter. This is not backwards compatible with insights

Do New Relic One users have to do something to enable this feature ?

No, it will just work without any intervention from the user or us.

Do New Relic One users need to do any change in their Insights dashboards?

No, no change is necessary. Everything will work


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Hey! now facet linking in New Relic One Dashboards supports Cases like Insights. It goes even further, now it support multiple cases and combination of faceted cases and regular facets

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