Failed at step EXEC spawning /usr/bin/newrelic-infra-service: Input/output error

Can someone help me understand what those errors are about? Initially when we had noticed same errors in one of our environment. I thought it was due to Infra-agent version that we had installed(Still I’m doubt at) but restarting the server fixed those errors.

But want to understand what might be affecting the infra-agent to stop working all of sudden. and Also how we will get notified that agent-stopped working?

How we can prevent this from happening to other servers?

Hi @Nithish.Kumar.Duda

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I am not familiar with this error, can you confirm the date it was noted?

I did a little digging and shared the below New Relic docs which shall help with your alerts requests.

  1. Alert conditions for APM and browser monitoring metrics

  2. Create infrastructure “host not reporting” condition

Hi @dcody Thanks for your response.

It happened twice this Month. we first observed this errors in one of the servers in pre-production environment on November 8th and next one is on 22nd Novemeber (In one of the servers in Dev environment)

Not sure what causing this types of errors. when we first saw this errors I thought It was due to Infra-agent version but later I realised no it’s not when it had happened again.

But we were able to solve those errors by restarting the Host.

FYI - we had enabled those Host not reporting alert in our environments.

How to find what causing those errors? what need to be done so it doesn’t affect our production environment?

will be looking forward for your reply.


Hello @Nithish.Kumar.Duda this error is coming from systemd, not from New Relic, and is associated with filesystem or hardware problems. We won’t be able to resolve it through configuration or updates, but you can investigate it further using methods such as are described in this StackOverflow post:

Regarding currently supported infrastructure agent versions, you can use this query to find versions reporting to an account:

SELECT uniques(agentVersion) from SystemSample since 1 day ago limit max

Versions older than 1.14 would no longer receive support and should be updated.