Failed to connect to DBus. make sure systemd is present

I have infra agent running through docker in ubuntu core

I get this log
time=“2021-01-29T23:37:55Z” level=warning msg=“failed to connect to DBus. make sure systemd is present.” component=NotificationHandler
time=“2021-01-29T23:37:55Z” level=warning msg=“failed to init shutdown monitor” component=NotificationHandler error=“no systemd found”

I cannot get newrelic to forward journalctl logs

Hi @jhe, thanks for your question!

These are warning messages that shouldn’t cause the agent to restart so they don’t tell us much. As you are running the docker infra agent, a good first step would be to ensure that the required permissions are enabled:

If you already have these extra privileges set up and are still encountering issues, please generate some verbose logs and have a look to see if you can see any error messages that would indicate what the issue is.

If it’s not clear, please share any notable error messages here and I can help further.