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Failed to detect New Relic instrumentation Marsh 2020



event reporting use to work, not Debug and Release environement are not working, the installation guide was correctly applied, the token is valid, im lost :frowning:


Hi @alessandro.verrecchi

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I feel confident I can get this sorted out for you! I’m likely going to need some additional information in order to resolve this, but let me take a bit of wild stab at this for now. I’m guessing that this is an Android App build error, correct? If so, are you seeing an error message along these lines: E/ Failed to detect New Relic instrumentation. Something likely went wrong during your build process and you should visit, and can you tell me what version of the Android Gradle Plugin you’re using?

If this isn’t leaning in the right direction, please let me know and confirm the following:

  • Agent you’re using (iOS or Android & version)
  • Exact error you’re seeing from the logs

Looking forward to hearing back from you!


This is because you are using AGP > 3.5.3. Currently they are not supporting this :frowning:


Thanks a lot @carlo.marinangeli!
They should definitely put this on their Documentation I lost a whole day because of this.


Hi @carlo.marinangeli

Correct, AGP 3.6.0 + is not supported quite yet but will be available in our next Android Agent release:


So sorry to hear this took away some productivity time; is there anything I can lend a hand with right now?


Do you have an idea of when the next version of the Android agent will be released?

Our current app release in prod is not sending data to NR due to this issue, as the issue does not present itself in any way that I can see during build, and the log was missed during the release cycle. Luckily we have other methods of getting crash reports.


Hey @danielbrain -

I’m glad you have a workaround for the moment, but of course we want to get you up to full speed in New Relic ASAP. The next release is in final testing right now. I can’t give you an exact date of release, but that’s where we’re at right now.

@danielbrain, @alessandro.verrecchi, @carlo.marinangeli, @robert.peralta - we would also love to know what part of your environment required you to upgrade to AGP 3.6. Understanding why this upgrade was critical will help us plan for future agent releases. So if you have a moment, we would love the feedback.