False alarms - Host Not Reporting


We received false “Host Not Reporting” alarms for nearly every ec2 instance across 4 different AWS account integrations this morning at 16 Sep 2020 04:19 (AEST). Example incident: 162337749

Previously it happened on 25 Aug at 09:54.
Example incident number: 154692222

I thought it was a one-off issue as we’ve been running this for years without happening, and now it’s happened twice within a month.We get absolutely flooded with false alarms.

Can this please be looked into?


@avnersilberman There was an incident that occurred in regard to this alarm. Here is what was posted on the status page:

Beginning 18:15 UTC September 15th, some customers received false Host not Reporting notifications. Some notifications were not resolved automatically and may have continued to show as a violation until manually closed.

We’ve resolved the issue that generated the false notifications in the US region. Services have returned to their normal operation.

Hi @JoiConverse

Thanks for posting the status. It doesn’t explain the first incident we experienced though - I couldn’t find an outage relating to that.

Given it’s occurred twice in a month, what is the cause of the issue and what is NR doing to prevent it happening again?