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False high disk IO alert


New Relic servers showing high disk io (Disk IO > 95%) but using iotop shows no problem.
Ubuntu: 14.04.5 LTS
Agent version: newrelic-sysmond
can you help please.


Hi there @ keldush -

I looked at some previous inquiries around this behavior and this answer seems like it may apply for you:

Disk i/o is something which is calculated by the kernel rather than our agent. We are simply querying this value. You can view more details about it here if you look at Field 11:

weighted # of milliseconds spent doing I/Os
This field is incremented at each I/O start, I/O completion, I/O
merge, or read of these stats by the number of I/Os in progress
(field 9) times the number of milliseconds spent doing I/O since the
last update of this field. This can provide an easy measure of both
I/O completion time and the backlog that may be accumulating.

Does this make sense in your situation?


@hross I’ve read your response above and also used iotop and htop to look at my server. In the past few days, I too have had several of my servers sitting at 100% I/O on my New Relic dashboard, although my servers have very low usage. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to bring that I/O back to normal? I’ve stopped and restarted services and even rebooted the server, but it still sits at 100%. Thank you!


Hey there @faleman - Sorry to hear that you are also having this issue! I do want to double check - are you using the Servers product still? I wanted to make sure because your post is in that category, but that product is weeks away from End of Life, in which case I would encourage you to make the move to Infrastructure.

If you are experiencing this problem in another New Relic Product, I can move this post and get you set up for a deeper dive. Thanks!


@hross Thanks for your quick response. Yes, we are still using the Servers product. I’ve taken over doing devops and am trying to get everything upgraded. Can you point me to some documentation to move over to infrastructure please? We currently use the newrelic Chef cookbook on the Chef supermarket to install the “Servers” product, but perhaps there is a better way or a new Chef cookbook (or recipe) that we should be using?


Good luck with the upgrade project @faleman!

Here are a bunch of resources we put together for folks:

Servers and legacy alerts users can also catch the replay of these webinars by clicking on the links below.

I left in the Alerts resources JUST IN CASE you are also having to move to New Alerts as well.

Long and short - there is not direct migration path per se, but these guides should get you going.