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False "Server Not Reporting" alarms


We are receiving “Server Not Reporting > 5 mins” alarms starting an hour ago but our server is fully functional.

One of the alarms is the following one:

APM service is working correctly and applications are reporting normally. No changes have been performed to our server for the last days.

How would we proceed with this issue? Any help will be appreciated.


I can confirm this as well, we’re receiving intermittent “Server Not Reporting” alarms.

You can see Downtime alarms in sidebar on the right:


I confirm, too. APM and Server Alerts not reporting properly. i’ve opened a support ticket.


Thank you for your inquiry. Currently, we are encountering an issue and working diligently to resolve it. Our status page ( will have updates posted as we continue to work on the issue and we encourage you to follow our status there. Thank you.


Looks like this resolved overnight, @davidac722, @lukasm and @viction—thanks so much for keeping us in the loop and reporting the false alarms you received. Please be sure to reply if you are still experiencing issues. Again: thanks for lookin’ out! :blush:


Same problem here since yesterday:

2017/10/04 10:53:37.291544 (3185) Warning: app ‘xyz’ connect attempt returned Post net/http: TLS handshake timeout
2017/10/04 10:54:07.688434 (3185) Warning: app ‘xyz’ connect attempt returned Post net/http: TLS handshake timeout
2017/10/04 10:54:28.908635 (3185) Info: Reporting to:
2017/10/04 10:54:28.908922 (3185) Info: app ‘xyz’ connected with run id ‘xxxxx’

Looks like a network problem on newrelic’s side?

Any update on this?


Hey @f-w! I just wanted to check in and see if, after some time has passed, this is still persisting for you?

Typically these things work themselves out—would love to hear an updated from you!

Talk soon! :thumbsup: