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Feature Description: Containerized Private Minions



Containerized Private Minions

A new version of the private minion that runs as a (probably Docker) image. This allows more flexibility in environment choice, easier install and update, and auto-scaling through orchestration software.

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That would be really much appreciated. If there is a beta we would like to help testing.


Glad to know you are interested in this, too @philipp.goellner!

Thanks for participating in March Mayhem—can’t wait to see what happens! I’ll let @jmarcel know you are interested in any potential betas. :thumbsup:


I second that approach. We have standardized on Docker and Kubernetes and provisioning a complete ovf to setup a minion is a little heavy. We would also like to test a beta.


Agree here. Would like to use Private MInions in AWS and docker is a reasonable way to do this. For AWS users that don’t user containers, the private minions container could be run in Fargate with low overhead.


Hey folks!!

I’d like to follow up on this thread to let you all know that we have launched Containerised Private Minions (CPM).

If you have a subscription that supports the private locations, then you can use the CPM right now - check out the post below:



So, when can we expect the containerized private minion to support kubenetes?


Hey @caiyucdl - That’s definitely a feature request the Synthetics team are aware of, though I don’t currently have a timeline for that.