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Feature Description: Kafka Integration for Infrastructure



Kafka Integration for Infrastructure

We will build an integration that captures performance metrics for a Kafka service giving information on brokers, topics, etc.

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Great news @ikavanagh Any estimate of time frame …? Appreciate you have a lot on, and can’t commit on a public forum, but is it high priority or just part of a list of must-do’s …?


I can confidently say this is high priority for our team, @LAMBERT ! Sorry I can’t speak to any firm timeline right now, but please continue to look for updates in the community! We too are eager to see this come to fruition soon. :blush:


Thanks @Linds Will keep a look out :thumbsup:


any update on this - i do not see it yet under the intergrations


Correct, @stephen_fitzgerald - You will not see it under integrations just yet! But our Kafka Integration has been prioritized and is expected to be released in the future! I’ll be sure any official announcements and updates reach this tread so you are kept in the loop. :blush: