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Feature Highlight: Alerts Muting Rules



Feature Highlight: Alerts Muting Rules

The above video goes through Muting Rules in New Relic.

Muting Rules allow you to suppress, using GraphQL, your notifications from New Relic Alerts as and when you choose.

In the example we use in the video, we are making some changes to our site. We still expect the site to be functional throughout maintenance, and so our JS Errors condition can remain, however we will be updating some CSS tags, so our Synthetics Script will have trouble targeting some of the on page elements.

As such, we are muting just the Synthetics Condition in our test policy. The Browser condition remains unchanged.

If the site starts to experience high JS Error rates,we will be notified, if the Synthetics monitor fails, we won’t.

An Incident is still created, however since the violation that triggered the incident is muted, there will be no notification sent.