Feature Highlight: Creating Synthetics Scripts

Feature Highlight: Creating Synthetics Script

The above video goes through Synthetics Scripting in New Relic.

New Relic Browser is tracking the performance of your sites from real end users. Synthetics does similar, where it tracks the performance of your sites, but with synthetic (fake) users.

Synthetics scripting is most powerful, most valuable when monitoring your business critical workflows. An E-Commerce example would be, having a script go to your store, add items to cart, and proceed through the checkout workflow.

Synthetics monitors can run from many locations provided by default, expanded to any locations globally with private locations. Allowing you to test your critical workflows from anywhere in the world.

Hopefully allowing you to see problems before your end users do.

In the example in this video we look at how to navigate to different pages, find buttons and click them, and send text to an input box.