Feature Highlight: Finding data in NR1 Charts

Feature Highlight: New Relic One Chart Data

The above video goes through extracting Chart Data in New Relic One.

Most charts in New Relic One are made up of data you can query with NRQL. New Relic Query Language allows you to ask the relevant questions of your data.

If your application is being monitored across the entire stack, from APM apps, Browser apps, Infrastructure Hosts, Mobile Apps, etc… then the single view of an Application is ok on it’s own, but lacking in some context.

The ability to extract the data from these default charts and, either edit, or keep the same, before adding to a dashboard alongside other contextual charts, gives great value to your monitoring stack.

With this ability to pull out the NRQL from these charts, you can build a single dashboard that shows you the relevant information from every part of your application.