Feature Highlight: New Relic One Catalog

Feature Highlight: New Relic One Catalog!

The above video goes through the New Relic One Catalog.

You may already be familiar with some of the Nerdpacks (applications) we have launched through our Open Source program. Getting these installed in your account has, up till now, required the NR1 CLI tools, the git and npm tools too. Following a number of steps to clone the github repo, regenerate UUIDs, install required packages, and then locally serve the nerdpack. A few more steps to get the nerdpack more permanently in your account.

These CLI tools & steps are really useful if you are building your own nerdpack applications. But if you just want to use some of the ones we have open sourced, then you may just want a few clicks to get these nerdpacks working.

The New Relic One Catalog is the tool for this use case. With just a few clicks in the UI you can have any of our Open Sourced Nerdpacks in your accounts.

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