Feature Highlight: Paginated Dashboards

Feature Highlight: Paginated Dashboards

The above video goes through Paginated Dashboards in New Relic One.

Paginated Dashboards, traditionally known as Data Apps in Insights, allows you to group your dashboards together.

Using Paginated Dashboards allows you to keep certain dashboards tied together, while still separated.

An example of usage for Paginated Dashboards could be for full stack monitoring. Where you create a Paginated Dashboard targeting the application: MyApp. Within that paginated dashboard then are a number of sub dashboards that look between APM / Browser / Mobile / Synthetics / Infrastructure, etc… Giving you a bigger picture of your application across the entire stack.

Paginated Dashboards are available to you in Read Only mode right now (March 2020), as such you will still need to create your Paginated Dashboards as Data Apps in Insights, where they will then be indexed in New Relic One.