Feature Idea: Add-to-Insights Not Functional in Data Apps


This new functionality doesn’t seem to work with Data Apps. Is that coming?

My opinion is that the new functionality is nice to have, but it still seems a bit limited. I still can’t do anything with nrql. I just get a widget. It might be nice if I get an iFrame widget so I could add what I wanted.

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Hi @eschumac,

Yes, today this functionality isn’t currently compatible with Data Apps – this was a conscious decision made for two reasons: 1) in order to deliver this set of capabilities to our customers with greater expediency, and 2) because metric charts cannot be filtered in the same way that NRQL charts can, the main function of Data Apps – using a facet to filter from one dashboard to another – isn’t as valuable with this new set of charts.

In general, I agree with your feedback. There are a number of items – more flexible wildcarding on metrics, table-style charts, embeddables, and so forth – that folks have been asking us for since we began a closed beta of this functionality a few months ago. Our goal was to push hard and get Insights to a place where it could support metric charting and exploration and unified dashboards, and then to follow up with more features / functions later as we acquire feedback from good folks like yourself.

Thanks very much for reaching out.


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Sure, Data Apps are meant to allow for the drill downs, but they are also good for organizing collections of charts on tabs to control the view and to make the dashboards easier to display on TV’s and such.

I’d encourage you to consider simply allowing the new widgets on Data Apps without the filtering functionality. I think that would meet your Kanban style approach here. Add customer value quickly…

I agree with eschumac and would like to see this feature also in data apps.

Btw, why can’t the metrics just be filtered by appName? That would be enough for me for the moment…

@wingeier the likely issue there (speaking as a user of the dashboards and not the engineers) is that the chart you add is specifically from an application already. Filtering it by appname won’t produce any results unless it’s specifically the appname you added the chart from.

The use of the data apps for tabbed collection of dashboards rather than filtering does seem like there’s a decent use case there so I’ll file a feature request on your behalf to ensure this feedback reaches @hshapiro

Any updates on this item?

@eschumac this would require engineering work to achieve as it’s not currently in the product. I can file a feature request to our product managers to suggest this feature and to help our product managers understand the volume of interest in such a feature.

One thing I like to ensure I make clear is that filing a feature request isn’t a guarantee a feature would be implemented, it puts the idea up for discussion with our product managers when they are plotting our roadmap and priorities. If the modification made it to the roadmap and then rolled out to production, by me filing a feature request in your name, you would be notified of this fact.

Would you like me to add your voice to the feature requests?

Yes. I thought you had already submitted it based on your previous post:

My feedback to the above is that the spin you are giving feels less like trying speak for the customer. You have one post that says there is value and that you will open an ER and ensure it has visibility and then another post that indicated you haven’t done that and then pad it.

I asked for an update on the ER. I know now it hasn’t been submitted. Thank you. Please submit it along with my feedback and ensure it gets to @hshapiro

Apologies @eschumac let me clarify. When I mentioned above I filed a feature request, I was directly speaking to wingeier. I definitely filed on his behalf, I double checked, and I did file this in your name also, so the feature request has been filed on both posters behalf.

If this feature is implemented, because your details are filed you will be notified by email of the addition of this feature. apologies for the confusion there.

Hi folks (and @eschumac),

Starting today, you will be able to take a dashboard containing metric widgets and add it to a Data App. While the Add-to-Insights button won’t itself support adding charts to Data Apps directly, this will help to improve support for metric widgets across Insights. You can read about the other improvements we’ve made to Data Apps below!

Data Apps Now Support Timepicker, Copy, and Metric Charts: We’ve invested some work in Data Apps to make them compatible with the new features we released recently. The timepicker will now work on dashboards that have been added to a Data App, as will copy. This also means that customers can copy a dashboard out of a Data App into their account so that others in their team can use it. Finally, customers can copy dashboards that contain metric charts to their Data Apps.



Interesting! Thanks for the update.

The time picker could be useful, but in many cases we mix time periods on a “dashboard” with many charts having dissimilar time periods. Thanks for adding that.

So it’s only possible to copy a complete dashboard to a Data App? In other words if I want a single metric widget on a tab in a data app with other insights charts I can only do that by creating the entire thing outside of data apps any copy it in? Do I understand correctly?

Hey @eschumac

Pretty much on the money. When you create a dashboard you have a finished article for a data app. If you edit your data app, a copy button will now appear allowing you to select any dashboard you have already existing.

So it’s probably easier to think of

Metric Graphs -> Dashboards
Dashboards -> Data Apps

This will allow you to build the dashboards you love, then group them as data apps as desired. We’re always open to suggestions on how you think the current processes can be improved if you have any feedback on this. Hopefully it makes for the tools needed to achieve your goals.

Yep @eschumac, @acuffe is 100% correct. Down the line we may add the capability for customers to add metric charts directly to Data Apps, but per my earlier comments about incremental delivery we wanted to ensure a good workaround for customers who absolutely need those metric charts on Data Apps now and do further development on Data App pinning in the future.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks guys. My feedback is that as a customer I think its weird and confusing and a bit time consuming to deal with your legacy metrics and insights product when trying to do things that one does and the other does not. My hope is that this disconnect is at some point eliminated. The current product for dashboarding in general, and I know you probably agree, feel like a hack forcing customers to deal with the awkward in between stage of getting a feature rich dashboard solution fully baked.

Some really basic things are limited making customers shake their heads at times. Like… why can’t I display in insights error rates along side transaction metrics? To get that I have to run use this app and that app and configure that and then copy to that and then when I want to make a change I have to run through that all over again…

So the impression is I am having to struggle with NR application complexity to get what I need rather than NR helping me reduce the complexity of getting what I need from my data.

Does that help?

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I definitely hear your points about complexity, @eschumac. Thanks for the details—I will be sure that your helpful input gets seen by the right people. Thanks again for helping make our products even better!