Feature idea: Alert condition for specific monitor

Feature idea: In classic UI, we were able to see/access attached alert policies from the monitor UI but this is not possible in New Relic One. I would suggest to bring that feature back so it is easier and quicker to modify policy.

Thank you for submitting this suggestion. I have brought it to the attention of our product team.

@saad.taimuri Just to follow-up… I was made aware that this feature was EOL a few weeks ago, prior to the New Relic One changes. Here is the post related to your request: End of life notice: Synthetics labels and Synthetics/APM group by tag

Here is the full list of all EOLs: New Relic Feature End-of-Life Announcements

Thanks to your post our product team is now aware that this is a feature that is being missed.

The workaround specified in the EOL announcement isn’t really a suitable workaround. It states to go to the Alerts product and go dig for your condition. If you have a lot of alert polices or a substantial amount of synthetic monitors alerts its not easy to find your alert condition for a monitor.

Secondly the other work around states to go to the entity and view the " “Operational/Warning/Critical” button" but clicking on this button takes you back to the synthetic monitor. It doesn’t take you to the alert condition.

Is there another alternative?

I’m afraid there is no other workaround that I’m aware of. but I’ll add your request for this to be brought back in the New Relic One UI @todd.berry.3